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FinTech companies are growing fast and furious. Thanks to the rapid adoption of technology and the prevalent use of smart devices. However, they have significant challenges: customers expect more affordable and easy-to-use products and services, and FinTech companies have limited resources. Choosing the right IT infrastructure to support growth and innovation while keeping costs low is of critical importance. Alibaba Cloud offers not only end-to-end Fintech services but complementary educational material to help you being your Fintech journey.

Take the courses, use the products, and prepare yourself to dive into the quickly growing Fintech industry. The solution allows FinTech companies to delegate infrastructure management to the cloud so that they can focus efforts more on business development. It helps to achieve better user satisfaction, faster go-to-market, and higher cost-efficiency. Cloud infrastructure allows FinTech companies to quickly scale up and down with full control while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Level Up Your FinTech Knowledge

Explore how you can leverage on Alibaba Cloud's FinTech solutions to accelerate your business with these free training videos

Reveal FinTech Secrets Behind Double 11

Henry Zhang, General Manager of Product and Solution for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

Cloud-Native Databases for FinTech Innovation

Ang Wei Shan, Database Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Risk Management for FinTech with Hands-on Demo

Nancy Nan, Head of International Financial Product and Solution, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
and Derek Meng, Global Technical Training Instructor, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Temeno Core Banking System Certified on Alibaba Public Cloud

Gin Zhu, Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Indonesia
and Martin Bailey, Head of Innovation,Temenos

Product Launch - Alibaba Cloud Bastionhost for FinTech

Jade Huang, Product Management Manager

Data Security for FinTech

Raymond Huang, Director of Cloud Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Application Security

Matt Yu, Senior Cybersecurity Architect

How Can Forex Benefit from Alibaba Cloud Global Connection

Yitian Xu, Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Nordics & Cyprus

Innovation: Ant Blockchain

Ida Yuan, Staff Solution Architect

Take Quiz and Earn Your Certificate

Looking to prove your expertise on Alibaba Cloud's Fintech Solution? After passing a short quiz you will be awarded an electronic certification and a badge for sharing on social media. The Alibaba Cloud Academy will also be awarding a FREE ACA Security exam opportunity for users taking all of our quizzes during this event, so get testing and get better at Cloud computing today!

After taking all three quizzes, click here to sign up for a free online exam.

* A valid Alibaba Cloud account is required to participate in the quizzes. Please create an account or sign into your existing account.

Alibaba Cloud Financial Services

With a robust infrastructure platform, data analytics services, and AI technologies, Alibaba Cloud helps financial institutions, from multi-finance groups to FinTech for their digital transformation.

Elastic Compute Service

An online computing service that offers elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to cater to all your cloud hosting needs.

Alibaba Cloud Databases

Alibaba Cloud offers one of the most extensive portfolios of cloud database solutions for FinTech.


Alibaba Cloud adheres to industry standard practices, and has obtained the relevant certifications in the financial sector.

Alibaba Cloud Security Services

The accumulated extensive experiences from various and massive security attacks ensure that your business threats and attacks are minimized on the cloud.


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