Singapore Innovation Accelerator

Accelerate Success in Singapore with Alibaba Cloud


Through Alibaba Cloud Singapore Innovation Accelerator, we will establish diversified innovation paths to drive enterprises to leapfrog development.

Why in Singapore?

Why in Singapore?

- Singapore is located in the heart of Southeast Asia.
- Ranked 1st in Globally Competitive Economies.
- Ranked 2st in Innovation in the APAC region .
- Ranked 4st in International Intellectual Property Rights.

What is Innovation Accelerator?

What is Innovation Accelerator?

- A platform that gathers all MNC and VC labs to establish global nodes, and support the growth and development of innovative businesses.
- For enterprise development, we has opened up five pillars: Web 3.0, Go Global, Unicorn Club, ESG Energy Experts Sustainability, and HealthCare.

Why Build Innovation Accelerator?

Why Build Innovation Accelerator?

- To allow emerging companies with high potential growth to reach out to top-industry experts for advice and/or mentorship.
- Form cooperation to attract young talents to participate, learn and improve the future innovation of Singapore.

Web 3.0

Web3.0 is the new uprising technology that many industries are looking into.

- We intend to deploy more nodes in the APAC region.
- Alibaba Cloud has established 85 zones in 28 regions around the world.
- Our services are more compatible with emerging industries.
Go Global

Alibaba Cloud has the no.1 Cloud Service Provider in the Asia Region.

- We have our headquarters in Singapore that provides 24/7 support.
Unicorn Club

Support uprising enterprises to develop a more successful business growth.


Driving a greener and low-carbon development through digital innovation.

- Going digital can drive a greener transformation and sustainable development, and brings more connectivity and synergy between enterprises.

Shaping a healthier future for Singapore through research, new technologies and innovative practices.

Come & Join Us

  • Innovation Partners

    Our partners who have been in these industries for many years and is able to share their resources for younger talents to develop their skills.

  • Industry Advisor

    Top-industry experts can teach, mentor or give their advises to the industry and community to provide a better Innovative Singapore.

  • University / Community Ambassador

    Students or young talents whom have passion in the industry, willing to learn and contribute some innovation ideas to the society.

HAPathon 2023: Web 3.0 Global Competition

From now to April, Web 3.0 Innovation Global Challenge will be held in Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Expect to winUSDC400,000+ in prizes.


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