Alibaba Cloud Best Practices for Financial Services

Alibaba Cloud’s robust infrastructure and best practices enable your financial services business to translate its deep industry know-how into success

Trust Building

Safeguard your business on the cloud with our industry-leading, risk-driven security solutions such as ZOLOZ Real ID for eKYC that meets all control requirements, and our region-specific security financial consulting services that apply best practices and expertise based on our engagements in China and worldwide

Cloud Resilience

Ensure business continuity and stay resilient with Alibaba Cloud’s highly available global cloud infrastructure and cost efficient Hybrid Backup Recovery solution that perfectly supports a deployment model of three data centers in two cities

Financial Industry Best Practices

Utilize world-class financial solutions in collaboration with Ant Groupsuch as mPaaS, ZOLOZ Smart AML, and ApsaraDB for Oceanbase, and partners such as Hi Sun that have deep industry know-how, together with our financial SaaS pilot product CloudQuotation, and China Gateway program for fast access to the Chinese market


Alibaba Cloud provides highly available and cost-effective cloud services for all industries.



FinTech Companies are disrupting traditional players thanks to the adoption of technology. Alibaba Cloud provides highly available and cost-effective cloud services, allowing FinTech companies to more efficiently manage their systems and focus more on their core business operations.

Fraud Detection

A risk management solution that features real-time analysis and accurate identification and is suitable for all business scenarios.

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Blockchain as a Service

BaaS provides secure, stable, easy-to-use, and open blockchain cloud services to build an Internet featuring mutual trust and efficient collaboration.

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Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone

Alibaba Cloud Landing Zone provides enterprises with cloud-based IT architecture design and governance solutions.

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By leveraging the experience of Ant Financial, Alibaba Cloud provides rich products and services to help banks succeed in their digital transformation.

Alibaba eKYC

A remote, paperless process that can verify users online anytime and anywhere

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Mobile Testing

Provides comprehensive quality assurance for the release of your apps.

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An all-in-one data security solution that provides various features, such as sensitive data detection, classification and so on, to help you meet personal information protection.

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Capital Market

Capital Market

With high-speed networks available globally, Alibaba Cloud's world-class infrastructure helps trading platforms execute orders and make decisions quickly and securely.


Comprehensive, Intelligent Detecting, Big Data-Driven Anti Money Laundering (AML) Solution

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CloudQuotation helps provide market data services including stock, futures, derivatives, and index trading data in the cloud, at a low cost.

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A high-quality personalized recommendation service for your applications.

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Machine Translation

Relying on language processing and deep learning technology, based on massive e-commerce data, we provide customized high-quality machine translation services for Alibaba Cloud users.

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Help enterprises build high-quality, stable mobile apps

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Global Application Acceleration

The Global Acceleration solution speeds up networks and applications, improves network performance, and ensures application security.

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Compliance and Security

Singapore has been dedicated to Smart Nation transformation since 2014 by developing technologies and encouraging innovations in key domains, including health, transport, urban solutions, finance, and education. In the digital era, the government agencies together with every industry took initiatives from regulatory perspectives to support and drive digital technology adoption. A strong infrastructure will be the foundation of all the plans and projects, which makes clound computing technologies one of the critical enablers in the digital revolution journey.

Financial Industry Regulation

Alibaba Cloud offers a high degree of flexibility in designing and implementing the IT architecture on the cloud with three Availability Zones in Singapore. Alibaba Cloud is committed to facilitating the customers in compliance with the financial industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Government Policies

Alibaba Cloud complies with applicable requirements in Policy for Systems Using Commercial Cloud. Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud provides security measure enabling agencies in complying with the requirements.

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Windsor Brokers is a global Forex and CFD trading investment firm with roots dating back to 1988. The Company offers a powerful suite of trading platforms, allowing clients to trade over 45 different currency pairs, as well as gold, oil, soft commodities, and various shares, among other things.
Exness, a leader in the world of fintech is proud to partner with Alibaba Cloud - a like-minded company with a passion for excellence. The Exness Group was founded in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. By the middle of 2014, the monthly trading volume of Exness Group’s clients amounted to more than 180 billion USD, and the number of trading accounts opened each month by traders around the world exceeded 15,000.

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